Project at Kitsch International art gallery in Valencia
Date: November-December 2004
Production: Fur Alle Falle


We installed a real kitchen inside the gallery Kitsch International (Valencia-Spain).
A copy of the kitchen we had in our house.

For every weekend in two months we made a program with various events and activities.
The gallerist was part of the production team, providing contacts and ideas.
We invited people from various professions to make part of any activity, and to work collaboratively with others to develop the proposed events. That is, to share their knowledge and create something together.


Kitchen & Fashion

We invited two known fashion designers from Valencia, Isbel Messeguer & Javi Albiñana, to work together creating a collection with the idea “Kitsch kitchen.”
The models, of various ages, paraded up & down with their favorite food, inviting the public to eat.

Queria Pelu

Cooking & Hairdressing

We Invited a famous Valencian barber, Joan Santamaría, and a catering team to work together, preparing food and hair with the same materials.

Kitchen, health & beauty
Homemade natural cosmetics and skin care. Music, health and beauty come together in this event. Social gatherings in the gallery, like a tupperware meeting. The documentation is presented as an adverising feature with avant-garde aesthetic.

Kitchen & Games

Playing kids games with adult people inside the gallery .

Kitchen & Tapas Bar
Opening the gallery as a "Tasca" , typical Spanish bar, with tapas, and typical food, also a disco-music dj.

Cata de yogures
Kitchen & Taste
A play for people to guess flavors of fruits yogurts. With the specialist Juan Collado.

Indokitsh Restaurant

Kitchen & Indian food

Opening the gallery for special indokitsch dinners with the cheff Diego Dorado.

Music Collection

Kitchen & Music

Meeting for favourite songs.Each participant bringed one song and we made a Music Collection CD with all that songs for each participant.

Menu FaF
Kitchen & Vegetables

Fur Alle Falle filled the gallery with recicled vegetables, and prepare a vegetarian menu.


Kitchen & Health

Health triks. F
olk remedies

Cocktail party

Kitchen & Cocktails
Tasting cocktails in the gallery, with Mc Demodé and cocktails boys.

Also some other events were running "out of the program" as:
Espirikitschmo: A real wiha play. Spiritualism kitsch.
Bill Leanders - Pepo speeches.
Diversous performances, etc, etc, you can find them all in the DVD.

Goals achieved with the project.
We transformed the gallery into a social center with activities.
We expanded the public. We attracted a broad audience, different to the usual one.
We created a network with professionals from different areas.
Project managed and funded by Fur Alle Falle and Kitsch International Gallery, with input of volunteer work.

The project generated many works, not only visual, also designs, visual art, ideas and future collaborations, and established a creative network in Valencia, that developed other projects such as Kafè-tá-Kabarè.


“Cultura con ñ”. La2 TVE. 2006.
Transmediale. Berlín, 2006.
VAD international Festival of video and Digital Art. Gerona, 2005.